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১১ আগস্ট ২০২০
৩:৪৪ অপরাহ্ণ
Cricket and Terrorism - Locked in endless War
Cricket and Terrorism - Locked in endless War

১১ আগস্ট ২০২০ ৩:৪৪ অপরাহ্ণ

The heinous serpents of terrorism bit into the material of peace because the world witnessed the Mumbai terror attacks claim numerous souls. Every bullet that pierced through the delicate veil of life brought an end of a neighbourhood inside all folks. One thing that hit me after the initial haze of distress made thanks to anger then debate was the very fact that the whole sub-continent has born the brunt of a couple of dehumanised people and one among the aspects that are fractured time and again is that the realm of cricket.

I take cricket because it's quite just a game during this a part of a world, it's an extension of our life and any dastardly act of terrorism in our region is sure to affect the game. we've grown up living under the shadow of cricket and tons of things that we expect and orate emanates from our love for the sport which may be a part of our day to day routine. What the perpetrators of the attacks managed to try to was to cast a bleak shadow of terror on our life and therefore the repercussions were for all to ascertain with major tournaments being either postponed or cancelled.

The English team flew back to their homeland only to understand that it's not just a regional problem and almost every nation is infested with the disease of terrorism in how or the opposite and therefore the best thanks to tackling it might be by refusing to offer into fear. Shakespeare rightly said that the show must continue and in these times of widespread hatred, it's the spirit of sports which will be an honest deterrent to those that wish to cast lives with trepidation.

The moment the Champions League was postponed, ICL World Series called off and therefore the England squad flew back to their homeland, we could see that the attackers had managed to strike us where it hurts the foremost.

The sub-continent prides itself when it involves achieving feats in cricket and therefore the actual fact that the game is suffering a backlash comes as a victory for the criminals.

India has constantly progressed as a powerhouse in cricket over the years and not just the T20 World Cup, overseas victories and therefore the home series clean sweep affirm this fact, even the cash generated from the sport is large. tons of employment comes out from staging events here and it might all dissolve if we fail to supply a secure ground for the players.

It is believed by many who the cash may be a major magnet for foreign teams to return and play here but there comes a time when no amount of cash can lure someone to risk their life.

I heard a couple of people talking the opposite day and that they were of the opinion that Indian cricket team shouldn't tour Pakistan (as if our country is extremely safe?!!?) and even visited the lengths to say that since a number of the terrorist night be from that region, it might be right to not play against them.

The one thing missing from their mode of thinking was the very fact that it's not just us and them, the whole subcontinent is suffering from this phenomenon and other countries wouldn't tour anybody folks if things persist. We must not ever forget that violence begets violence and that we shall reap hatred if we sow it.

Cricket would definitely be suffering from the recent unfolding of events and that we will take some time to return to normalcy but the swift decision by the ECB shows that we will keep faith in our security men and also sends a regeneration to the planet.

I can visualise matches that are set within the backdrop of guards and guns to guard us and therefore the situation will gradually crawl back to where it had been, a minimum of for the cricketing world. the purpose, once we seem to be headed back to normalcy, is that the point once we must get on our greatest guard.

There are an array of terrorist acts in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh that have left the countries scarred and battered but a bit like the previous occasions, we've learnt to hold forward our progress and begin afresh. If we give in to the desires of a couple of mercenaries garbed within the mask of fundamentalism or other hollow claims, what good is the freedom to us as we are displaying an inefficiency to take care of it?

We need to point out the planet that the sub-continent is barren of any fear when it involves facing a couple of cowards calling themselves avengers of injustice and trying to envelop their hollow sadism with the claim.

Cancelling a tour in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh won't serve any purpose, what must be done is to host the events even as we might normally do and make sure that they're administered successfully with jam-packed stadiums and let it's a logo of our solidarity to those crammed with hatred.

It is true that the security of our sportspersons and therefore the ones visiting us is paramount and any untoward incident is simply not worth a game, however, we will turn things on its head by taking it as a challenge to return out with solutions from our understanding of things amalgamated with the love of the game that we possess. Shifting venues seems to be a possible solution immediately and that I have heard people debating endlessly that a neutral venue may be a good option.

What we forget is that immediately the terrorists are targeting security in venues as varied because the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai to the Galle Stadium in Sri Lanka . for a way long will we run far away from these demons?

We must join together beyond boundaries and keep vigil, forget petty acrimonies and help the governments to tackle the matter. we will shift the venues till some extent in time once they aren't safe anywhere, we will cancel tournaments till the sport fades away or we will simply take concrete steps to form sure that each one is safe and set an example to all or any that if the planet is falling in an abyss of terrorism, the cricket field is that the utopia. Double up as not only a mere spectator but as a guard of humanity too. Keep watching active at a sub-conscious level yet enjoy the match also.

It is not all that un-practical especially when multi-tasking may be a thing that each one understands and follows!!

Working in tandem with the authorities and devising new ways to combat the few enemies would be the proper method to emerge victors during this war of humanity. we might be ready, to begin with, the proper anecdote to the poison of terrorism only we stop blaming the 'other' for everything and take the onus upon us.

We have always used cricket as our therapy to life's brunt and who says that we will not use it as a way to counter-terror.

It is simply selfish on our part responsible the govt or the intelligence agencies (they need to get their act together a minimum of now anyway!!) because it becomes the duty of you and me to try to whatever we will uproot this evil that has emerged as a painful blob in our society. we've to ask ourselves this question...Are we willing to cover in our homes and let the homeland be burnt to ashes or can we have the courage to travel out and drive the terrorists out of our soil by our unity and practical thinking? When the ways of a terrorist are often unexpected and unthought-of, why can't the solutions be unique and effective from our end as well?

There will be apprehensions within the beginning and that we might see tours being called off in panic but all that must be done is to strengthen the safety on a mass also as a private level. It's just a matter of realising that the matter is the maximum amount as ours because it is for those in power and every one folk got to do our bit within the endeavour to terminate any sort of terrorism on our soils, be it Karachi or Hyderabad.

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