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Our Top 25 Political Agenda
Our Top 25 Political Agenda-thetopnews24.com

৯ আগস্ট ২০২০ ৯:৩২ অপরাহ্ণ

"The art of politics is to form the impossible, possible."


1. To re-install an environment of peace and tranquility throughout the land.

2. To enforce all of the laws uniformly on all Americans and to supply sufficient means for legal redress of grievances.

3. To strengthen and train our enforcement officers and our military to adapt to 21st-century realities.

4. To bring known conspirators, traitors, and criminal leaders to justice.

5. to prevent all sorts of domestic, foreign, and terrorism.

6. To abolish all sorts of sex trafficking, human trafficking, and child labor within us.


7. To reform all governments- (RE: Government Streamlining, Accountability, Cost-Efficiencies, & Performance Metrics)

a. Governments can and will adopt the practices and policies of the private business to the extent feasible. This includes the concepts and techniques of selling, sales, customer service, advertising, human resources, internal control, property management, capital (long-term) planning and budgeting, finance, and investments.

b. only too often individual agencies have overlapping responsibilities, entrenched bureaucrats, and underutilized employees. For this reason, similar agencies must be combined, intransigent agency heads must get replaced, and redundant employees abandoning.

c. Marketing research and cost-benefit study must be conducted before the roll-out of a government-funded program; and throughout the lifetime of the program customer satisfaction surveys must be done. Programs where demand has dramatically shrunk, when the satisfaction and expectations of the program's participants aren't being met, or when the prices far exceed the advantages will either be redesigned or scrapped.

1) Every effort is going to be made to transition the participants of a defunded program to a comparable funded program.

d. Performance metrics for all departments, divisions, agencies, bureaus, and staff can and will be implemented. Even the foremost esoteric social services program is often evaluated against a group of performance metrics. Annual, semi-annual, or quarterly performance reviews can and will be completed by and for all departments, divisions, agencies, bureaus, and employees by the immediate overseeing supervisor. This measure of accountability is going to be applied to rock bottom grade workers up to the cupboard level. All government workers, including political appointees, can and can be fired if they fail 3 performance reviews during a year.

e. a brief formal appeal process is out there to terminated employees; small awards, bonuses, promotions, or public service commendations are going to be given to employees who outperform and exceed all performance review criteria.

f. All outdated laws and regulations are going to be voided.

g. Taskforces, workgroups, etc., with limited goals and objectives, are going to be sun-stetted upon the completion of their goals.

h. Outdated, worn, scrapped, or abandoned property and equipment must be disposed of within the private market at an inexpensive price. All old, outdated, or buggy computers, servers, I.T. equipment, software, and accessories must get replaced by the most recent or next newest equipment or software. This system-wide replacement and upgrading of state equipment are going to be awarded to the highest 2-3 U.S. manufacturers on a competitive bid basis.

1) Inasmuch as the govt may be a non-profit entity, and can't show a profit perse, practices, and procedures geared toward saving money, cutting costs, exercising fiscal responsibility, and returning money to the Treasury aren't precluded. For this reason, policies aimed toward repairing, recycling, reusing, saving time, money, and energy shall be encouraged. Practices, procedures, and measures of cost-controls, precise budget analysis, internal control, and assessing the effective life-span of the merchandise are going to be followed.

8. To balance the budget as realistically as possible.

9. To pay down the debt as realistically as possible.

10. To amend the tax code in order that everyone pays an equivalent percentage of gross income.

11. to market the thought of "customer user fees" wherever and whenever feasible, practical, and reasonable.

12. To end Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare slowly gradually and methodically over a 10-20-year period and replace them with self-directed or employer directed government-backed securities with fixed incomes, premiums, payments, etc. Health Savings Accounts, etc. can and will be utilized in place of Medicare premiums.

13. To merge/combine all federal retirement plans, programs, and agencies into one Federal Retirement Agency. this may include military, government officials, Foreign Service, railroad workers, forest service, public health service, and other federal retirement programs for specific groups of individuals.

Areas of Major Spending-

14. To develop an economical and honest health care system.

a. a large health care regulatory authority must be established with enforcement powers to curtail the widespread abuse and dishonesty prevalent throughout the present health care systems

1) the main problem of health care systems, past and present, is that the proclivity of all of its participants (including doctors and patients) to lie, exaggerate, and embellish the facts.

2) No system can survive and succeed when most of the people involved are dishonest.

15. To reform the criminal justice system including the police, courts, prisons, parole, probation, related enforcement agencies, hospitals, and other related facilities.

16. to supply Affordable Housing to those that cannot easily purchase a home. the precise placement, size, composition, style, and site for the development of affordable housing are going to be left to the area people to make a decision . to supply low-cost equitable loans to married couples qualifying as first time home buyers.

17. To rebuild the nation's infrastructure including freeways, highways, truck routes, bridges, tunnels, canals, ports, waterways, airports, water systems, dams, railroads, the electrical power system, all public buildings, and to supply for the event of conveyance.

18. To relocate the residents of pre-WWII housing projects into temporary housing, demolish all dilapidated housing projects, and build a new sustainable medium quality housing projects for all poor and low-income families.

International Relations & Foreign Policy-

19. To assure friend and foe alike on the international scene that we'll not interfere with the domestic affairs of another country. we'll honor all existing treaties and agreements if they're in our greatest interest to try to so. Treaties, agreements, that aren't within the best interest of us &/or put us at a severe disadvantage, will at the acceptable time, be opened for renegotiation or annulment.

a. Treaties, agreements, codicils, etc., which came into being by Executive Order and without the consent of Congress are going to be reviewed, voided, or sent to Congress for formal adoption.

20. to market, support, encourage the concept of a territorial imperative. In furtherance of this, we hold that the individual sovereignty of every nation-state is inviolate and of a high order.

a. we'll respect, protect, and enforce the concept of national borders, boundaries, and demarcation lines.

21. to figure with multi-lateral, regional, and international organizations for the upkeep and defense of interdependent world order. this sort of world order is founded on the laws of every nation-state also as a series of international laws that stipulate the rights and responsibilities of every one of the actors. in situ of direct aid, we'll donate/contribute funds, supplies, people, equipment, and services to other countries on an as need basis and thru IGOs and NGOs. additionally to promoting the principle of a good open democracy supported a well-liked vote for elected officials whenever and wherever reasonable and practical, we'll support genuine efforts to alleviate hunger, disease, poverty, abuse, and therefore the aftereffects of disaster throughout the planet.

a. Since this is often primarily an outline of political world order, it doesn't directly address the international economic scene or the advance of worldwide trade. We assert that the responsibility for the economic well-being of every and each nation-state lies within its own economy and can be managed by its own national government. On the one hand, large multinational corporations, financial institutions, strategic alliances, etc., can and do affect the economy of nation-states; but on the opposite hand, we must guard against the unwarranted encroachment of personal businesses into other country's domestic affairs. We recommend that if a corporation or business features a major and direct effect on a far off country's economy, then it should even have a lawful and abiding interest in its culture, morays, and customs.

1) While the U.S. government can act as an intermediary in resolving international political and economic disputes and enforces applicable U.S. Customs regulations, it'll not interfere with the local laws, practices, or customs of other nation-states.

National-Political Reform

22. to make rules of conduct and ethics for all prospective candidates. a radical background check is going to be conducted before each political party's national convention of all of the finalists including criminal civil, financial, and political improprieties. Candidates are going to be forbidden to simply accept funds or make pledges/agreements with foreign governments, agencies, parties, or businesses before, during, or after their campaigning.

a. Prospective candidates with a proven long-term diary of unsavory or criminal behavior are going to be barred from running for the position .

b. Muck-racking, rumor-mongering, candidate assassination, the bribing, or cajoling of a "witness" cannot and can not be tolerated. Unsubstantiated stories that are published under the guise of factual reporting are going to be prohibited. Individuals, companies, or organizations that make, publish or disseminate prejudicial reports/articles are going to be fined or sentenced up to twenty years in prison. In short, publishing damaging and false news may be a crime.

c. A moratorium/blackout period on presidential coverage is going to be put into effect on the journalism 48 hours before polling day.

d. Every effort is going to be made to enhance the accuracy, time involved, and therefore the efficiency of tabulating voters' ballots throughout the country.

23. To impede, curtail, restrict the influences of interest groups, lobby groups, and PACs of all types within the nation and states' political processes. A procedure is going to be developed that puts lobbyists, etc., at distance from elected officials.

24. To overturn Citizen's United.

Services & Programs-

25. to market and fund technical training at the high school and lyceum level.

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