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Leading Profound Change With Vision and Conviction
Leading Profound Change With Vision and Conviction

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One of my dreams is to step foot in as many countries as I can during this lifetime, learning and contributing to the well-being of individuals from all walks of life. Last month, I reached another milestone - my first workshop in Abu Dhabi. What an exquisite, wonderful experience.

The place is brimming with energy - driven by the vision of great leaders who, in my opinion, are tremendous change catalysts. the power to initiate and drive change may be a trait that distinguishes high performing leaders (a la Lee Kuan Yew, Gandhi, Lincoln, Mandela, Steve Jobs) from the remainder. The Emiratis leadership exemplify key attributes that make them outstanding change catalysts:

1. They confront the brutal reality - to form sure that their economy isn't dependent purely on oil and prospers into the longer term generations, they're taking the difficult steps of diversification and re-shaping the talents and capability of its people.

This is not a simple change. I learned firsthand that local Emirati women play key roles within the workforce, working with the likes of well-credentialed expatriates from everywhere the planet. believe it - most are the primary generation of girls within their family structure to figure during a modern office, yet, I used to be impressed by the Emirati women (and men) I had the privilege of working with at the workshop, who conducted themselves with great competence and beauty. Such change can only occur when people believe their leaders have their best interests at the bottom .

2. The Emiratis are inspired by a bold and empowering vision, which successively is creating significant opportunities and in many cases, simply an opportunity of survival not only for Emiratis except for hordes of expatriates who are drawn to the region to contribute their talents and knowledge a special lifestyle. I'm personally inspired by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan former President of the United Arab Emirates and former Ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi - God bless his soul - who I'm surprised and embarrassed to not have learned more about until I need to Abu Dhabi! His Highness was the principal drive for the formation of the UAE in 1971, a federation of seven Gulf sheikdoms. a person who believed within the philosophy of TEAM ("Together Everyone Achieves More") and was ready to infect others to share this belief. a person who is held in deep reverence by his people even after his death in 2004 - see here a moving tribute to His Highness Sheikh Zayed.

His vision is now making a difference to the lifetime of Mahmoud, a cabbie from Afghanistan. once I asked Mahmoud what he considered Abu Dhabi, he told me what proportion he loved the place for giving him an opportunity to support his family. He took pleasure in simple privileges like having the ability to steer out in the dark without worrying, something his homeland of Afghanistan couldn't provide and something we within the Western and other developed economies deem granted.

He makes AED3000 a month (about USD$820), of which after paying off his rented accommodation and meals, he'd save AED1000, every cent of which he sends home to his family - a wife, young child, and his parents. he's employed 7 days every week, for "as many hours at it takes to satisfy his quota" (often 16). AED1000 was "barely enough" to buy his father's medical bills - a visit to an honest hospital in Afghanistan sets him back the maximum amount as AED3000. He gets to go to his family for five weeks every 2 years (a part of his "contract") - making me feel incredibly blessed for each moment I buy with mine and my access to Skype!!!

Mahmoud is simply one among many thousands of individuals everywhere the UAE who share an identical story. ready to | I'll"> I will be able to always fondly remember Abu Dhabi as a city of great "love" - tremendous sacrifices by people that are able to find simple pleasures in life and express gratitude in adversity.

The power of a vision.

3. They believe and practice the principle of "synergy", unafraid of drawing on the strengths of others. They empower others who have the expertise they have to urge the work done, removing roadblocks that substitute the way.

According to a report on Emirates News, approximately 88% of the population are expatriates. In many cases, this has created tremendous win-win situations - cabbies, restaurant hosts and hostesses, cleaners, senior HR professionals, engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc. from everywhere the planet - all who were drawn to the UAE to capitalize on the earning, living, learning and contributing opportunities the place offers.

The belief that collaboration is that the way is etched within the fiber of their being. An example of this is often Emirates Aluminium (EMAL), a state-of-the-art aluminum smelter that's a venture between Dubai Aluminium and Abu Dhabi's Mubadala. Together, they form the fourth largest aluminum smelter within the world, one among the most important industrial projects within the UAE outside the oil and gas sector and one among the key projects leading the diversification of the UAE's economy.

The place may be a hive of activity with ambitious jaw-dropping projects evident everywhere - freeways, bridges connecting islands, world-class tourist-enticing facilities, eye-catching skyscrapers, and a way-of-the-future hub for cleantech companies called Masdar City. The latter is being constructed 17 km out of Abu Dhabi and can rely entirely on renewable energy sources, with a sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste ecology, and can be a car-free city.

What a strong testimony of what is possible once we plan to collaborate, embrace diversity, to interrupt down silos, and to understand the strengths instead of lingering over the weaknesses of others.

I visited the place seeking to inspire others and left feeling totally inspired by myself. I hope you're too! Inspired to make or revisit your vision, to not be afraid to draw on the expertise of others, and to possess a "whatever-it-takes" mindset to realize that vision. And along the way, creating magic moments and opportunities for others!

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Author: Dominic Siow

Dominic Siow is an inspirational speaker, trainer, and transformation coach who resides in Sydney, Australia. His talks and workshops on Transformation Management, Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service Excellence, Leadership in Project Management, and Influence have had a positive impact on quite ten thousand participants across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and therefore the United Arab Emirates. His mission is to assist create high-performance workplaces where people are empowered to be the simplest they will be in helping with their organization's mission.

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