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১১ আগস্ট ২০২০
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Epimetheus Unbound
Epimetheus Unbound

১১ আগস্ট ২০২০ ২:৪৮ অপরাহ্ণ

The Beginning of the Reverie

In my back yard, I even have a fireplace pit where I taught my son, Tyson, the key to fireside. he's thirteen. Tonight he built a fireplace within the pit without my help and even now we are roasting wieners in it and warming ourselves within the time-honored fashion. He kept it modest, out of respect for my directions, but also due to his basic respect for the danger that fireplace represents. Tonight features a smidgen of chill amid the overall warmth of those transitional nights between autumn and therefore the encroaching winter, therefore the flames are very welcome. the warmth berates our faces for the temerity of huddling so close, on the other hand, it soaks into us and beats back the cold behind us. there's a floral threat within the hazy lapping of the air around the logs as if to mention that the scolding our faces feel is some things of a call for participation also as a warning. Lazy spastic sparks reach the air above us, dying out before they touch the walnut tree's leaves. The tree always draws our eyes into the sky, which at the instant has Orion firmly getting to the south.

That mythical Greek immortal is sort of a sentinel, reminding us how misfortune is so accidental. I even have taught my son and his friends to stay the inviting danger of fireside on the brink of them because, as a teen, I personally felt the danger as a foreign, abstract wind-sock dangling at the other end of self-preservation. If it didn't harm me personally, the savage flower could do because it wished. i would like more for my kids. they're going to get older using fire as a dangerous tool, not unlike a pointy knife, filled with pragmatic orientations and realism. I sometimes think that humans have opted to treat fire as little quite a symbolic discourse, or a thing for special-interest groups like firemen to affect and understand. Our backyard fire may be a meek assembly of old boards left over from our basement renovations, and a few one or two-inch cedar rounds procured from an area landscaper. My son pokes at them authoritatively, and maybe more playfully than necessary. There was no boy ever born that didn't want to play with fire.

The Setting

Not five miles from where I live maybe a park of protected forest with an outsized creek running through it. Earlier today the youngsters and that I drove into the parking zone by the playground and picnic ground. The day was cloudless therefore the greens of the grass and therefore the pine needles were vivid, as was the sheen on the wild blueberry leaves and therefore the wild yellows, and myriad reminder green on the deciduous growth along the creek. We walked past the wooden pavilion which held the descriptions of the birds and fish and wildlife the tourists could expect to seek out within the park, crossed the well-kept gravel pathway that followed the creek's reach the lake, and took the bridge over the creek to the deeper pine forest. The creek, more a river than that, had no fish, though the check-in the bridge said there would be. it's shaded by poplars and white-barked birches and a few trees which, at certain times of the year, fill the air above the creek with flossy cotton-ish spores, giving the creek the design of a green and white artery.

Most of the trees found in Kelowna are transplants from other parts of the planet, but the Lodgepole pines are here for many thousands, if not millions, of years. they're thin twigs compared to the Douglas Firs of the rainforest coast, and maybe half to two-thirds the peak. Their bark is thin and almost papery in appearance. Their small needles are like little green swords that provide the clean fresh aroma which makes the hike so pleasant. The pines populate their forest thickly, and as we hike up the steep stair-way to the highest of the ridge we will see how the competition for light has taken its toll on the weaker saplings. The needles of the pines have dropped so thickly here that tiny else grows. Occasionally a shrub or two peeks out of the sting of the forest. Berried shrubs may proliferate where smaller creeks meander through the trees, but under the remainder of the trees, a puffy red and yellow-ochre layer of dry needles waits for even the foremost ephemeral spark to drift over from the nearby homes and provides them an excuse to erupt.

The Mythology of fireside 

Modernity hasn't erased from humans the fascination with this tool. We simply develop new dialogue. within the dim dark past, we were told that fireplace was given to us by higher beings so as to boost us from innocence and childhood. the folk's story, taken from Peabody (1897), goes like this: The Titans were reckless and capricious. one among them, Prometheus, whose name means "forethought", couldn't persuade them to moderate their behavior, so he left them to their ways and counseled the Olympian, Zeus against them until they were defeated and sent to Tartarus, in Hades. In those days men were carefree and light-hearted but their minds were barren of a great enterprise. They offended the gods, and Zeus had determined to rid the planet of them in favor of the latest people. Prometheus, a mighty workman, thought that they had been children long enough, so he took it upon himself to be their benefactor and educate them in knowledge and this put him at odds with Zeus. Many things he taught them that are wonderful to understand in order that they grew out of their childhood and undertook thought for themselves. Lastly, Prometheus stole fire from the sun and gave the key to men. He brought down the holy fire which is dearest to the gods. For with the help of fireside all things are possible, all arts are perfected. Thus, Zeus decided to punish Prometheus by chaining him to a rock within the Caucasus and setting a vulture to eat his liver, which might regenerate for all eternity.

The Myth and therefore the Discourse

The Titans represented forces of nature that were felt, but which individuals couldn't directly sense any cause. for instance, Titans would be the source of earthquakes, and that they would be the sky. On the opposite hand, the Olympians represented forces of nature that were sensed directly, like storms, lightning and thunder, land, and ocean elements. it had been by virtue of their immediacy and accessibility that they "overthrew" the Titans. But the god that throws lightning at the bottom, threatening people, would hardly offer gifts like fire or technology. Therefore we have this tale of how a deeper, older spirit of nature raised people out of infancy in spite of more immediate and hostile natural forces.

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