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Airline Travel
Airline Travel

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Rising fuel prices have impacted airline travel. Be prepared, and adjust your plans accordingly.

Continental Airlines plans to slash 3,000 jobs and reduce domestic flights in an attempt to scale back operating costs. The cuts include pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, administrative personnel, and management.

"These actions will help Continental survive the crisis," wrote Chairman and Chief Executive Larry Kellner, and President Jeff Smisek, during a letter to Continental's 45,000 employees. during a move to demonstrate a private response and commitment, the executives also announced that they might forgo incentive buy the remainder of 2008.

It has been estimated that charges for fuel are going to be $2.3 billion higher in 2008 than within the previous year. Beginning in September, Continental will decrease capacity by 11% and can remove 67 airplanes from the fleet by the top of 2009.

United Airlines announced a 14% reduction of capacity planned for the fourth quarter of 2008. United Airlines is cutting 1,600 jobs.

United Airlines said that it'll eliminate Ted, the discount arm of the airline launched in 2004. Ted catered to leisure travelers with only coach-class seating, but within the spring of 2009, the 56 Airbus A320's are going to be reconfigured with first-class seats and returned to the United Airlines fleet. At an equivalent time, United Airlines will retire 94 Boeing 747's as unprofitable planes and routes.

Delta announced a 10% reduction of capacity within the fourth quarter of 2008.

American Airlines announced plans to scale back capacity by 12% within the fourth quarter of 2008.

As oil prices still rise, airlines are forced to reply with fewer flights, fewer routes, fewer staff, more passengers per plane, and better prices. Reduced capacity translates to fewer flights, and this suggests that a lot of the smaller airports could also be the primary to feel the pinch. While some travelers may have enjoyed the convenience of smaller airports for proximity or to avoid the crowds of huge airports, the supply of flight options could also be greatly reduced. Airlines simply cannot afford to maneuver aircraft with empty seats, so expect full flights, or expect that route to get on the block.

In an attempt to extend the number of passengers per plane, flights that don't have enough passengers could also be canceled to mix passengers with other flights to an equivalent destination. While many frequent flyers have experienced this interruption in travel plans within the past, it's likely to become commonplace while the airlines suit the new demands. When incomplete flights are combined, the result's typically an overbooking situation, which suggests more passengers than seats. As a result, some passengers could also be temporarily stranded during a city overnight, pending an available flight the subsequent day. Overbooking will become even more common as airlines endeavor to stay prices down by filling every seat on the plane.

What does all this mean to you?

Expect full flights. you'll be ready to tell your grandchildren about the times once you secretly counted the remaining number of people boarding the plane in hopes that you simply would have an empty seat between the window and aisle. Your grandchildren will think that you simply are making up stories once you tell them about the complimentary meals and films that you enjoyed on the plane ride. at some point, the free meals and films may sound as ridiculous as allowing smoking on a plane, imagine that.

Expect longer delays at security and check-in counters. Yes, it's true, security is becoming more efficient, and automatic check-in counters are intended to facilitate faster service. Nonetheless, as routes are consolidated and oversold crowds are consolidated into flight patterns that maximize the productivity of reduced staff to handle them, human traffic jams will occur. it's inevitable that consolidation will occur within the battle to regulate price increases, and in some ways, the check-in lines will more often resemble the crowded lines at theme parks, mouse ears, and everyone.

When possible, book direct flights. While this might be slightly costlier than those connecting flights that enabled you to eat lunch in Houston and dessert in Orlando, it'll also decrease your risk of paying an unexpected evening in Texas. When making your travel plans, consider the danger of an unexpected hotel and transportation during a connecting city, while your luggage goes on without you. attempt to schedule your travel on morning flights, as against the standard evening business flights, to permit the greater opportunity for an additional flight without an overnight delay. If you are doing got to book a flight, confirm that you simply have a minimum of one hour between flights at the connecting airport. Remember that next flight boards thirty minutes before the scheduled flight time, which suggests that your seat might be on the wheel if there's any delay on your original flight. Take responsibility to see your travel carefully when booking flights, and reduce your risks.

Allow some flexibility in your schedule, just just in case you're delayed. Whether your travel is personal or professional, you'll get where you would like to travel, eventually. If all goes well, you'll arrive on time, and without incident. within the event that you simply are delayed, or your plans got to be adjusted, remember to always be courteous to the individual on the opposite side of the counter. Odds are that the staffer has lost many good friends and colleagues within the workforce reduction, and is now striving to try to multiple jobs directly. Have compassion, for they're attempting to resolve the private challenges for each passenger, every inconvenience, and each emergency that comes over the counter. Show your compassion, and you're more likely to receive a touch reciprocally.

As airline travel is impacted, it'll have a consequence on the remainder of the travel industry. As prices increase, leisure travel diminishes, and routes are eliminated, so too must hire car companies to adjust the inventory of obtainable vehicles at appropriate airports. Consider booking your car well beforehand, especially when traveling to a well-liked destination or busy airport. it'll become more likely to hire car agencies to sell out.

The hospitality industry also will be impacted by decreased activity. Although this may be a delayed result, supported by the adjusted number of travelers, the great news is that hotels may offer competitive discounts and incentives to retain loyal customers. you ought to sign-up for programs and be vigilant for special deals.

Those special airline rates for leisure travelers, and therefore the eleventh-hour special deals for under $100, are likely to disappear. Prices for all seats are expected to extend, and fewer route options with fuller flights will mean that special discounts are going to be placed on the species list. And for those hardy business travelers who have saved those frequent flyer miles in hopes of tropical vacation paradise, expect black-out periods and greater advance getting to use those miles within the crowded skies. If fuel prices still rise, consider your options to use those accumulated miles this year. Rising costs will force some airlines to introduce even more restrictions on the utilization of accumulated miles since these free seats become a liability to cash-flow. Airlines have adjusted the policies on mileage within the past, and are likely to try to to it again in 2009. Your mileage might not be protected if your carrier of choice is forced to merge, be acquired, or enforce restrictions as a neighborhood of an economic reorganization plan. Take an opportunity of the bad news of rising gas prices and fuel charges, and use your miles to travel on a well-earned vacation while you'll still get the foremost for your miles.

It's not all bad news. If hotels offer special rates, you would possibly find some nice local vacation packages before the top of 2008, and early 2009. Rising fuel prices, reduced routes, and prohibitive restrictions on aviation may encourage more businesses to use teleconferencing, VOIP, and other technology to collaborate over long distances. a touch less travel may mean a touch longer reception, which is usually an honest thing.

Words of Wisdom

"The theory I prefer best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage." - Mark Russell

"The saying "Getting there's half the fun" became obsolete with the arrival of economic airlines."
- Henry J. Tillman

"Here's what I feel the reality is: We are all addicts of fossil fuels during a state of denial, close to face cold turkey." - Vonnegut 

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