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Bangladesh Tourism - Bangladesh Hotels
Bangladesh Tourism - Bangladesh Hotels

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It is evident that within the past 20 years Bangladesh Hotels are in sharp rise both in quality and quantity. There are many reasons for this rise. the foremost important reason is, prioritizing Bangladesh Tourism by Government and providing back-end infrastructure to flourish the world. Foreseeing huge opportunity, a variety of local and international entrepreneurs came forward with the necessary investment to create quality hotels in Bangladesh. the world was already ripe and was able to be plucked for profits. So whoever invested in top quality Bangladesh hotels are simply thriving at the present. And there's room for several more.

The country started with a lone quality hotel, Dhaka Sheraton at the capital city after independence in 1971. There were numerous others at Dhaka and in most cities of the country but the quality of these wasn't at an international level. it's from the early eighties that the Bangladesh Travel and Bangladesh hotel industry began to progress.

The beginning of eighties are often marked in reference to the event of this country for various reasons. the foremost important event that boosted Bangladesh Tourism and Bangladesh Hotel industry is, a replacement international standard airport within the capital city came into operation. The previous most vital Bangladesh airport, Tejgaon international airport shifted to a replacement location with international standard infrastructure and runways. Runway facilities at the previous location were inadequate, preventing the landing of larger air crafts. With the new Bangladesh Airport named Shah Jalal airport, previously referred to as Zia International airport operational, the number of foreign flights rose sharply.

Another significant factor of the early eighties was the participation of national and international NOGs in the socio-economic development of the country. International NGOs and development partners came forward with countless socio-economic development projects. To initiate, implement, monitor, and evaluate these socio-economic projects, the number of foreigner visits rose sharply. This caused an increasing demand for quality hotels, motels, and other related infrastructure everywhere Bangladesh.

Again, it's within the early eighties when this country started its journey as a garment manufacturer and commenced to provide a bulk quantity of EEC, USA, and Canada apparel needs. this is often also a reason for the increased number of foreign visits. Temporary and permanent residency of foreign nationals increased considerably to support newly developed garment industries and trade. They came to understand the country and have become interested in a lucrative Bangladesh vacation either at the longest natural sea beach at Cox's Bazar or at the largest mangrove forest at Sunderban or at one among many similar natural beauties the country holds.

The reasons above forced the second 5-star hotel within the capital city. Pan Pacific Sonargaon began its operation at the guts of the capital city Dhaka in the early eighties. Currently, Dhaka is a blessed variety of 5 stars rated hotels like Sheraton, Radisson Water Garden, Sarina, Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Regency Hotel & Resort, and Dhaka Westin with numerous supportive 4 star and three-star rated hotels like Lake Shore Hotel & Apartments, BRAC Centre Inn, Swiss Park, epicure, Rose Wood Residence, Paradise Garden, Royal Park Residence and lots of others.

Dhaka, the capital city with a heritage of over 400 years, holds the foremost of Bangladesh Hotels, both in quality and quantity. Unlike most countries, this country isn't much decentralized on national and other important activities. The capital city is the main center of most activities in the country. Power, politics, trade, and cultural activities revolve mainly around the city. The main attraction of trade is the Dhaka stock market, popularly referred to as DSE Bangladesh. Expatriate nationals and permanent residents to other countries are one among the foremost interested parties of DSE Bangladesh and that they depend upon various Bangladesh news agencies to remain updated on DSE Bangladesh info. All of the Bangladesh news agencies are Dhaka based. Dhaka holds most of the features a capital city should have. Moreover, there are many historical places, a variety of golf courses and various shopping malls to draw in the tourists.

Public transportation of the town is inadequately developed, also reflected in the least other major cities. Public Taxi service is scarce and poor in the standard. Though each and each hotel, big or small is provided and supported with quality rent car facilities. There are inter-city bus and train networks with moderately good services. All the main cities are connected by the country national airliner Bangladesh Biman and a few other local and international airlines.

The second-largest city is the port city of Chittagong on the Bay of Bengal. it's an upscale sea trade history which may be traced back to the Roman period. But as for the hotels, the town was holding lone 4 stars rated Agrabad hotel before independence in 1971. At current, there are Peninsula, Naba Inn Guest House, Harbour View, Tower Inn, etc. all 4 stars rating. Also, there are 3 stars rated Saint Martin, Asian SR, Century Park, and lots of more.

The most attractive place for visitors and tourists, Cox's Bazar holding the longest natural sea beach is around 100 miles south of Chittagong. This place is very supported by good quality hotels, motels, and Guesthouses. there's Seagull-5 star, Kollol-4 star, and a variety of three stars like Media International, Sea Crown, and various guest houses. Saint Martins, a gorgeous island cornered of Bengal further south with beaches all around is supported by enough good quality guest houses.

There are quality hotels in other major cities. Rose View, a 5 star is at Sylhet, a gorgeous city sharing the same geo-continental plate with the Indian hilly state of Meghalaya. Western Inn, Royal International, and Arcadia are at Khulna, a city southern a part of the country, at the most important mangrove forest district. Cities like Bogra, Comilla, Jessore, Rajshahi, and most others currently hold a minimum of one or two 5 or 4 star rated hotels.

All Of Bangladesh Hotels are supported by its own restaurants. big variety of cuisines of international standards are available here at a reasonable price. The capital city enjoys a minimum of a couple of restaurants of each cooking style, like Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Swiss, Italian, Continental, etc. There are a number of international chain delicatessens like McDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc and various local chain delicatessen. Almost every modern shopping malls are supported by these quite standard food shops. it's to be noted that local or Indian style cooking is just too hot and too spicy for a westerner habit. it's advisable that tourists and visitors pick their foods very carefully.

Most Bangladesh Hotels are supported by its own medical, workout, and swimming bath facilities. Bank outlets or ATM are often found inside, in the lobby area. Hotels in Bangladesh are surrounded by lucrative shopping malls. Tourists are mostly attracted by the pink pearls of Bangladesh. Local antiques and handy crafts also are of high value and exported to EEC countries in bulk quantities annually. Visitors and tourists enjoy Arong, a sequence emporium of local handy crafts and antiques and a few other similar local branded shops.

However, Bangladesh tourism has unrecoverable natural difficulty. Bangladesh weather doesn't support vacations around the year. The country is a tropical monsoon area between the Himalayas within the north and the Bay of Bengal within the south. Summer is just too hot followed by an extended season which isn't convenient for traveling and site seeing. Winter ranging from mid-November to mid-February is that the period of vacation seekers in here. The temperature during this period stays at around 20C and humidity around 60-70%. So Bangladesh weather dictates that any Bangladesh travel should be carefully planned for timing.

There are other hazards for Bangladesh tourism too. the most explanation for these hazards is overpopulation. The population is so dense that it's hard to stay up honest maintenance of facilities. Like, the cities aren't clean enough, city roads aren't adequate nor in fitness, etc. So there are few do not for first-time visitors and tourists. Street beggars are numerous and may make havoc if any visitor approaches sympathetically. Ignoring or not noticing is that the best and safe approach during this matter. It also goes for over-enthusiastic vendors trying to sell his products. remember when purchasing anything out of the hotel area. Offer half the worth asked for a product and walk off if refused. Carry drinking water bottles and mosquito repellent when touring remote areas. and really importantly choose your food very carefully if you've got to dine at a restaurant out of your hotel. Local and Indian food flavor could also be mouth-watering but tough digesting too! So don't take much if not familiar or habituated with this cooking style. you'll always enjoy your occupy your choice of Bangladesh Hotel and luxuriate in Bangladesh vacations if you remain healthy and in healthiness.

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